a safe and secure future

Securing our Future is the leading advocate fighting to ensure a safe and secure future for Americans through effective public policy engagement on critical issues of accessibility and affordability. United with policyholders like you, we are working to make these rate-reducing policy changes a reality.

Insurance stability impacts your economic stability – and both are critically important during this time of crisis and increased risk.

In an uncertain world, Securing our Future’s focus will never waiver from our mission of protecting policyholders and their interests. As long as the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, third party litigation financing abuse, criminal insurance fraud, and unfair legislation continue, we will remain hard at work as the voice of millions of individual and commercial policyholders.

At Securing our Future, America’s policyholders are the priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Property and casualty insurance protects your property. Some examples include:

  • car insurance
  • home insurance
  • commercial insurance
  • renter’s insurance
  • boater’s insurance

Insurance helps individuals and businesses manage risk. It protects individuals and businesses against uncertain losses, damages, injuries, and financial liability from future unexpected events in exchange for a certain amount, known as a policy premium.Pricing varies because of how insurance companies calculate risk. Factors such as location, credit history, or your history of submitting claims, among other factors, may result in varying rates.Property and casualty insurance are types of coverage that help protect the things you own, such as your home or car. Keeping insurance affordable is critical for helping policyholders get the coverage they need at a fair price.