Tell Your Legislators to OPPOSE SB 1107

Help stop a bill (SB 1107) that could lead to higher auto insurance costs for hardworking Californians.

SB 1107 is a solution in search of a problem—and a bad solution at that. If passed, this bill would double the minimum liability coverage that California drivers are forced to carry. Mandating higher coverage levels will result in higher insurance premiums for Californians. SB 1107 would also drive up the cost of Underinsured Motorist coverage and force lower-income Californians to pay more for car insurance just so personal injury attorneys can make more money off of lawsuit settlements.

There is never a good time to raise car insurance costs, but now is an especially bad time to do so, as Californians face record-high prices at the gas pump and so many are still grappling with an economy that has barely recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. Please speak out and call on your legislators to oppose SB 1107 today!