Florida Election Results

Post-Election Landscape

All 27 of Florida’s congressional U.S. House of Representative seats, odd-numbered Florida State Senate districts, and all Florida State House districts were up in 2020. The statewide elected officials in the Florida Cabinet (Governor, Attorney General, Agriculture Commissioner, and Chief Financial Officer) were not up for election again until 2022. Floridians went to the polls on Election Day in record numbers. Over 11 million voters either participated in early voting or headed to the polls on Election Day for the general elections, with no abnormalities reported by supervisors of elections. Floridians overwhelmingly supported Republicans up and down the ballot on Election Day. In addition to President Trump winning Florida, Republicans saw gains in South Florida Congressional Districts and the State House and Senate.

Pre-Election Balance of Power

  • Governor: Ron DeSantis (R)
  • State Senate: 17 Democrats – 23 Republicans
  • State House: 46 Democrats – 71 Republicans – 3 vacancies

 Post-Election Balance of Power:

  • Governor: Ron DeSantis (R)
  • State Senate: 16 Democrats – 24 Republicans
  • State House: 42 Democrats – 78 Republicans

Impact on Florida Consumers

  • Gaining a seat in the Senate is a big win for incoming Senate President Wilton Simpson. Throughout the election cycle, he repeatedly stated that repealing Florida’s No-Fault Auto System and switching to a mandatory bodily injury system is one of his priorities. Securing Our Future expects to see legislation in this regard filed early with significant Senate leadership involvement.
  • Maintaining Republican majorities in both chambers bodes well for passage of COVID Liability Protection legislation in 2021. Both incoming Senate President Simpson and in-coming House Speaker Sprowls have stated this issue as a priority. Governor DeSantis and CFO Patronis have also gone on record supporting the issue as well.