Oregon Election Results

Post-Election Landscape

Oregon will remain a solid blue state. The Democrats hold every statewide office, except Secretary of State, and have a supermajority in both the Senate and the House. Despite Democrats’ increasing numbers statewide, there are pockets of Oregon where Republicans have increased their numbers and even overtaken Democrats in terms of registered voters – particularly in three coastal districts.

Pre-Election Balance of Power

  • Governor: Kate Brown (D)
  • State Senate: 18 Democrats – 12 Republicans
  • State House: 38 Democrats – 22 Republicans

 Post-Election Balance of Power

  • Governor: Kate Brown (D)
  • State Senate: 18 Democrats – 11 Republicans, with 1 race still not called
  • State House: 37 Democrats – 23 Republicans

Impact on Oregon Consumers

  • Securing Our Future will be facing a challenging political landscape on risk-based pricing. The Governor and the regulator have drafted a legislative concept that requires auto insurance rates to be based primarily on driving record, miles driven, and years of driving experience, and would prohibit the use of other factors like gender, “not-at-fault” accidents, age, credit score, marital status, education, employment, etc.
  • An issue that could come up during a special session is the COVID-19 Worker’s Compensation presumption that the Department of Labor has been pushing for. Senate leadership is also including wildfire funding in the potential agenda, so we’ll likely see a special third legislative session around that.