Rhode Island Lawmakers: Say NO to H8252/S3105 and H8253/S3104

The Rhode Island General Assembly is considering legislation – H6252/S3105 and H8253/S3104 – which could have a significant impact on the cost of auto insurance in the state.

Rhode Island is already on the list of the top ten most expensive states for auto insurance. The below bills could make auto insurance even more expensive for all Rhode Islanders.

  • H8252 and S3105 (An Act Relating to Insurance – Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act): Direction to pay changes, repair procedure changes and out of state policies.
  • H8253 and S3104 (An Act Relating to Insurance – Liability Insurance): Extends rental car benefit to a designee, requires rental replacement vehicle to be comparable in like kind and quality to the claimants damaged vehicle, and requires paying posted prices.

Bottom Line: These bills (H8252/S3105 and H8253/S3104) would have a significant negative impact on Rhode Island consumers and drivers across the state. Please oppose these bills and help keep auto insurance costs down across the state.