a safe and secure future

Securing Our Future’s mission is to ensure a safe and secure future for American consumers through accessible and affordable property casualty insurance products. By advocating for effective public policy, we are working to make sure that this future is a reality. Insurance stability affects economic stability – and both are critically important during this time of crisis and increased risk. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, property casualty insurers are actively responding to the increased demands on the insurance industry by focusing on protecting and serving policyholders in this time of need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance helps individuals and businesses manage risk. It is a mechanism for protecting people against losses, damage, injuries and costs associated with unexpected events in the future.

Pricing varies because of how insurance companies calculate risk. Factors such as location, credit history or your history of submitting claims may result in varying rates.

Property and casualty insurance are types of coverage that help protect the things you own, such as your home or car.